Griffith Williams of RMS Leinster – in remembrance


Griffith Williams was a member of the crew of RMS Leinster. He was 49 years old when he was lost with the vessel and was working in the Engine Room when the torpedo struck. He lived with his wife and children at 1 Henry Street, Holyhead.

This memorial scroll is in the safe keeping of his grandson, Bryn Lloyd Hughes, who kindly allowed it to be photographed. The words are a testimony not only to Griffith Williams’ memory and sacrifice but also to that of all merchant sailors of that time who would not only have to brave the day to day perils of the sea but also face the constant threat of U-boat attack.

Griffith Williams, along with others of the crew, are commemorated on the Holyhead War Memorial (Cenotaph) – RIP.

Restored to History …….


Due for publication in late September. The author of “Torpedoed! The RMS Leinster Disaster” returns to the sinking in a book focused on the women and children who were aboard the ship. In appendices, the book identifies the lifeboats in which particular passengers survived and tells the story of a young American sailor who lost his life in the sinking.