Surviving Crew from Holyhead

RMS Leinster – List of survivors of the crew from Holyhead.

The following seamen from Holyhead are known to have survived the sinking of RMS Leinster.

William Griffiths, Under Steward (Cabin Boy), b. Holyhead, age 17.

Robert Jones, Fireman, b. Holyhead, age 43.

William Thomas Jones, 5th/4th Engineer, b. Holyhead, age 37. Lived at Morton Road.

Robert James Lewis, Second Cook, b. Holyhead, age 29.

Robert William Michael, 2nd/3rd Engineer (Cert. 35270), b. Holyhead, age 45. Died 19/8/1935 at Riversdale, Four-Mile-Bridge, Anglesey. Brother of Phillip Thomas George Michael, lost on RMS Leinster.

Hugh Owen, Seaman, b. Holyhead, lived at 4 Wesley Terrace, Holyhead, age 31. He was on the bridge with Captain Birch and saw the first torpedo arrive. Died in 1979 at Garreglwyd Home, Holyhead, aged 92.

William Pritchard, Fireman, b.Holyhead, age 42.

William R Thomas, Under Steward, b. Holyhead, age 16.

Hugh Williams, Seaman, b.Holyhead, age 33.

John Williams, 3rd Steward, b. Holyhead, age 29.

Evan Rowlands, RNR, Gunner, b. Newborough, lived at 13 Well Street, Holyhead, age 49. Died in 1939 at Holyhead.

Information largely from ‘Torpedoed’ by Philip Lecane.

Do you recognise any of the names above? Are you related? If so, we would be interested to hear from you.

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