William Watson – City of Dublin Steam Packet Company


The brass plaque can be found in the Chancel area of St. Cybi’s Church at Holyhead. It is a memorial to William Watson, Chairman and Managing Director of the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company. He died in 1883 and was instrumental in building up the company, whose vessels provided the mail service to Ireland for over 70 years.

The company was formally wound up in 1924, being unable to continue following the loss of two of its ships, RMS Connaught (1917) and RMS Leinster (1918) during the Great War.

The plaque records the installation in 1897 of the East Window at St. Cybi, donated by William and Edward, the two sons of William Watson, in memory their father.

The local newspaper recorded at the unveiling that ‘William Watson was a generous employer of labour at Holyhead and was much respected’.

Original photograph of the window by Dr. Ken Roberts and published at http://www.victorianweb.org/art/stainedglass/kempe/14.html

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