Separated as they boarded ….

Screenshot 2018-04-21 13.45.59

This cutting from a West Country newspaper tells the tragic story of a young married woman, Virginia Maud Frizzell (nee Carter), of Teignmouth, Devon who became separated from her husband as they boarded RMS Leinster in the early morning of 10 October 1918.

She had married Private Robert Frizzell in April of that year. He was originally from Dublin but was serving with the Canadian Army. They had gone to Ireland to visit his relatives.

Another newspaper report linked the couple to Newry Street in Holyhead but research has failed to find a connection with the town. It is possible that the couple may have stayed overnight at a lodging house in Newry Street prior to traveling to Ireland.

Virginia Maud Frizzell is buried in an unmarked grave at Mount Jerome Cemetery, Dublin. Private Robert Frizzell rejoined his unit in England and later settled in Canada and remarried. He is believed to have died at Toronto in 1955.

The cutting is from The Western Times of 15 October 1918 and reproduced from ‘Findmypast’.


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