Past times – a postcard home.


This postcard was sent by a young man on holiday at Anglesey in August 1907 to let his family at Kingstown (now Dún Laghaire) know how he is enjoying himself. He is probably staying at Porth Dafarch, near Holyhead and remarks how rough the sea was at the time.

He makes mention that he had already witnessed the scene on the postcard. RMS Leinster is shown on her way over to Kingstown and passing the end of the Holyhead Breakwater before turning west and picking up speed to cross the Irish Sea.

Many thanks to Mark Bertorelli for permission to use the images of the postcard in his possession.

One thought on “Past times – a postcard home.

  1. Philip Lecane September 20, 2018 / 4:56 pm

    It is very good of Mark Bertorelli to share this most interesting postcard. Hopefully it will lead to other people displaying similar generosity.

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